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DiLo’s Aqueduct Carryover Attack

December 8th, 2016|0 Comments

  The Triple Carryover PK6 at the BIG A 12/8/16 Yesterday was opening day on the Inner Track at Aqueduct and it yielded a very unformable day if you were handicapping. It rained a lot [...]

Back but not Beat: Silky Sullivan By Amy Nesse

December 1st, 2016|0 Comments

  Back but not Beat: Silky Sullivan    By Amy Nesse               Jonathan Stettin and Past the Wire are proud supporters of The Jockeys' Guild Catch Jonathan Stettin The Pick [...]

Not Even A Mention

November 27th, 2016|0 Comments

Past the Wire  By Jonathan Stettin Not Even A Mention         Our all new website will be launching any day now. Here's a little preview:     https://youtu.be/465-UE1sPcg Jonathan Stettin and Past [...]

  • A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True by Amy Nesse

November 16th, 2016|0 Comments

A Dream Come True: A Talk with Breeders’ Cup winning trainer, Ian Kruljac By Amy Nesse         Jonathan Stettin and Past the Wire are proud supporters of The Jockeys’ Guild Our all [...]

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Maria Schlemmer Ackerman

That was a phenomenal article Jonathan. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. Ruffian was my second love (after Man O' War) and I simply cannot stop the tears from falling every time I read about this magnificent black beauty.


LeeAnne Deardorff Goen

thanks for posting


Darren Rybka (@RybkaDarren)

@jonathanstettin major bias play, thanks j man!!!! Lol


Michael R. Snow (@theWynnDough)

Another one from the "black and white marble like notebook." Fish Trappe Road $8.70. UFC pay per view $. Thanks Jon!


Gary Stevens

Great writing my man, awesome, thank you so much. Well done.

Chris LaPort (@alloutdrive)

Props to the Pick 6 King @jonathanstettin Your pool was the only one I bought into, and with good reason. Thank you sir! Great ‘capping!

PokerFaceDutch (@DutchieFlair)

@jonathanstettin anytime chief, you always giving back so its only right!!

Gary A. Wernett (@SenorTrifecta)

@jonathanstettin Thank you for your effort on the pick 6 at Gulfstream. I played it w/you for the first time today and you hit it twice!!!!

Terri Martin (@GolfGirlTexas)

Congrats @jonathanstettin ! That’s why ur the king!

OTMB (@OnTheMarcBets)

Could not be more happy for @jonathanstettin . Like I said a few weeks ago: he is the best in the game!

Mary Rampellini (@DRFRampellini)

@jonathanstettin, Thank you so much! You are all class!

Beezer (@Angry_VBK)

@jonathanstettin congrats on a great hit. Very nice job!!!

John Ball (@P3Tacco)

@jonathanstettin What a surprise….thank you—- thank you….I can say I was part of history.

Vitali Banned

Marcus Vitali is banned from Florida tracks. This is especially disappointing considering the success he had with the Kieran McLaughlin horses he had a few years back. I don't like to see the negative images this sort of thing conjures up.   Read more....


@jonathanstettin Brilliant as always. Agree with everything you said. Thank you! ! 🙂

Michael R. Snow (@theWynnDough)

Nice score King! @jonathanstettin Well played with the 4 singled on one ticket. 2 times! Big congrats.

Bombsaway Bob Grant (@BombsawayBob)

@jonathanstettin @EliteRacingNet Way To Go, outstanding Handicapping!


@jonathanstettin Another great look back by Jonathan at the king of the claimers Oscar Barrera.


@jonathanstettin Your article re reading when a horse dead on board made me some $ just now. Untapable was, IMO, odds-on, but dead. TY!


Thnx to @jonathanstettin I made being right about Channel Maker count! Didn’t play him in under at all, cashed dbls, exs,tri, super and p4.


@PastTheWire take that story & others you have and write a book. I would buy it. Any good ones out there that are pure stories?


@jonathanstettin Well done per usual. A true horseplayer who can articulate nicely #keepitup.


Good stuff buddy! RT @jonathanstettin: Racing’s not Dead.


@jonathanstettin Wonderful article! You’re a great ambassador for the game! We’ve been spoiled with elite equine athletes in recent memory.


@jonathanstettin Great article!


@jonathanstettin great read as always!


@jonathanstettin Jon just wanted to say thx for the info you provide.


@jonathanstettin is there a any better at writing thoroghbred articles that are ” relevant” to the horseplayer and fan alike ? I think not.

Jon Parr (@JonParr21)

I admit I’m a history nerd, love learning stories of the past. Thank you for a great and insightful read twitter.com/PastTheWire/st…

Jon Bercher (@JBercher)

@jonathanstettin @bbopjz Fantastic writing, thoroughly enjoyable read.

Ed Cofiño (@ItsmeEddieC)

@PastTheWire Thank you for that article. I was 11yrs old watching race on TV & remember it like yesterday.Great article #GreatHorse #Ruffian

Al Bundy (@albundypolkhigh)

@jonathanstettin wish i had words to express after reading this. Thank you

Mark ALL 1’s (@TriCrownCapper)

@PastTheWire I was moved. Had to put the “all 1’s” in the profile name. It’s utterly brilliant.

Jimmy Williams (@matt918476)

@jonathanstettin wowwwwwww , the best … Felt like i was watching a movie!!!! , then realized it should be a film , super informative !!

OTMB (@OnTheMarcBets)

Very well done piece by The King, John Stettin twitter.com/jonathanstetti…

Amy Nesse (@horsegirlamy16)

An amazing article on an amazing horse who broke the heart of horse racing twitter.com/jonathanstetti…

James Giliberto (@97charmed19)

@PastTheWire you did do her justice, this is a great read on a tragic moment in the history of our great sport, thank you.

Gino Buccola (@ItsMeGinoB)

Congrats to @jonathanstettin who had the Rainbow pick 6 twice today!!!!!!!! twitter.com/jonathanstetti…


@jonathanstettin such a great read! In my car reading this on my lunch break with a huge smile.

Tim n (@CigarSire)

@PastTheWire Great read brought back some sad memories.The only race she lost killed her. Legacy. @jonathanstettin pic.twitter.com/Jx9WF7OjUe

Riley Grannan (@RileyGrannan)

Must read story by Jonathan Stettin on Ruffian @PastTheWire pastthewire.com/all-1s-ruffian…

Mark ALL 1’s (@TriCrownCapper)

@PastTheWire wow. I am thankful you took the time to provide such detail about an all time great horse and the tragedy of that final race.

Jimmy Williams (@matt918476)

@jonathanstettin @bbopjz the reason being is his combination of being a Fan , a Horseman, a Handicapper, and a Historian !!!! He best !

G1 Handicapping (@G1Handicapping)

Another great piece by Jonathan! twitter.com/jonathanstetti...

William G. Gotimer (@WilliamGotimer)

@jonathanstettin I for one can still actually feel the pall cast over the crowd and game that day. It was palpable. Kudos 2/2

Arlene Matlack (@MatlackArlene)

@horsegirlamy16 @jonathanstettin it was the most amazing article I’ve ever read

Elite Racing Network (@EliteRacingNet)

What a day for @jonathanstettin who had the Rainbow 6 twice! That’s why he’s the KING!


@jonathanstettin hearing about that huge 500k plus win, JON, makes me want to go to the track with my cash right NOW!!! Haha.

Elite Racing Network (@EliteRacingNet)

Louis & @ItsMeGinoB talk next w/@jonathanstettin about today’s races & the amazing Ruffian piece he wrote this week. twitter.com/PastTheWire/st…

Drew Mo (@thebloghorse)

An amazing article. Well done @jonathanstettin #ruffian twitter.com/jonathanstetti…

Michael Glew (@Harnessracer101)

@jonathanstettin I had goosebumps reading that. Excellent work, thank you for sharing!

Mark ALL 1’s (@TriCrownCapper)

If you have not read this piece, you’re an idiot. Awesome read for all horse racing fans. twitter.com/pastthewire/st…

Jimmy Williams (@matt918476)

@jonathanstettin @bbopjz agree , but in my opinion Mr. Stettin remains second to none …….

howard eder (@bbopjz)

@jonathanstettin Your writing skills compare to Red Smith and Joe Hirsch- Just a wonderful read

MargaretR (@RurakMarge)

@jonathanstettin Thank you. This is a truly beautiful tribute to a racing legend. Good to hear the true story of what happened that day.

Terri Martin (@GolfGirlTexas)

Well done Jon. TY. twitter.com/pastthewire/st…

Paul Culpo (@PaulCulpo)

@jonathanstettin @PastTheWire @BOBCOL Is there anyone and I mean ANYONE better than Mr. Stettin?? I don’t think so. Thank you sir!

Mark All 1’s (@TriCrownCapper)

@jonathanstettin u should really do a 2 minute Past The Wire recorded segment for @Steve_Byk Monday Morning. Very grounded, excellent stuff

Trey Reid (@ReidT8)

@jonathanstettin Nice piece and well articulated! Thanks for sharing your knowledge through your work!

Chris LaPort (@alloutdrive)

@jonathanstettin That was damn near evangelical. You’re one of the few experts a novice like me can depend on. Keep up the good work!

Scott Raymond (@onehorsestable)

Great read! Thanks @jonathanstettin Feels like you’re sitting across the table breaking down the day with the expert pastthewire.com/to-b-or-not-to…

Michael R. Snow (@theWynnDough)

This article is a must read. 1st ballot Hall of Fame horseplayer, generous teacher and heralded writer! Thanks John. twitter.com/jonathanstetti…

stephen smith (@123stephenwin)

@jonathanstettin as always, great read! you are the the best!!!

Nick DAgostino (@Chef_vegas)

Great article John. twitter.com/PastTheWire/st…

American Pharoah

This is awesome

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December 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Del Mar is doing the right thing in paying out the 5 of 6 consolation in the aftermath of the confusion following the mandatory clawing day pay out of their jackpot pick 6. I agree with what they are doing, with a minor exception. If you bet through an ADW [...]

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