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Past the Wire is the Horse Racing column where Professional Handicapper Jonathan Stettin shares his knowledge, experience and passion for The Sport of Kings. This is where you will find Horse Racing’s most interesting and well informed columns and articles on every aspect of the game. Jonathan tackles everything in the sport unbiased, with a unique insight that stems from his vast experience in so many areas of Thoroughbred Racing. It is truly Horse Racing Uncensored. The column is widely read and is also picked up by many other publications. Jonathan shares his handicapping prowess as a well chronicled, successful, and respected professional player, as well as his thoughts and opinions on all that is Horse Racing. His stories are nothing short of fascinating tales of real racetrack experiences that have to be read to be appreciated. Reading Past the Wire will teach you more than any handicapping books, and entertain you with a lifetime of Runyunesque like real life racetrack stories that are book and movie worthy. Jonathan will introduce you to jockeys, trainers, owners, gamblers, and other participants in this great game of skill. He’ll show you the highest highs, and lowest lows in his often imitated, never duplicated style. This is the life he’s chosen.

We also feature articles by Kaitlin Free and Nick D’Agostino as well as special guest contributors.

Past the Wire is also your source for Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding News and events.

We are also the home of Tracking Trips, the best Trip Notes, Track Bias Information, and Spot Plays in the game. Jonathan Stettin also offers individual and group handicapping seminars and instruction. This is beneficial to players at all levels. Visit our online store or email Jonathan directly with any inquiries at p6k@pastthewire.com

Publisher, Editor – Jonathan Stettin
Writer – Jonathan Stettin
Handicapper – Jonathan Stettin
Administrative Support – Jeanie “Blondie” Hedges
Director of Business Development & Media Relations – Nick D’agostino
Writer – Kaitlin Free


Pastor, IT Consultant, Media and Marketing Consultant, Videographer – Josh Lotzenhiser
Writer, Historian, Consultant Attorney – William G. Gottimer
Consultant – JJ Graci

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Reading our columns, articles, news stories, or participating in our webinars or seminars or subscribing to Tracking Trips, our column, or any other service we offer is not a guarantee, nor should it be perceived as a guarantee of winning at horse racing. All gambling involves risk, even games of skill. Wagers are the sole responsibility of the bettor and Past the Wire assumes no liability for anyone else’s wagers. If you feel you may have a gambling problem seek proper assistance.

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