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“Father, for 145 years You have watched over this day and today, we ask again, that Your eyes be upon us.


From the first hoof print to the last footprint left today, keep us safe.


In the chaos of the world that surrounds us this day, we ask for Your peace.


Father, we ask that You make us good stewards of this high and most excellent sport that, by Your grace, has allowed us to be a part of.


Show us Your wonderful mercy and heal within us the troubles and trials that shadow us.


Let us walk with the newness of mind and heart and with a clear conscience truly love all that we have been trusted to care for by You.


Let us break the bonds that have crippled us this year.


May we wonder in the beauty and strength of Your creation again and may Your healing presence be shown through it all.


Father, we ask that You protect every horse, every rider, and every patron of this moment and let us know that You are here.


We place these things in your hands dear God and we ask all of these things in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”


Pastor Steve Johnson


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