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Prat Gets a Big Double

2019-06-30T11:29:56-05:00June 30th, 2019|

    Flavien Prat has had a good run of late. Although the 2019 Kentucky Derby was awarded to him via the disqualification of first place finisher Maximum Security, the record books still list Country House and Prat as the winners. Prat did not need any assistance from the stewards [...]

Roger Attfield Going for Queens Plate Record

2017-06-02T10:11:56-05:00June 2nd, 2017|

Trainer Roger Attfield has won The Queens Plate eight times tying him for the record. He goes to break the record this tear with a ninth win with Tiz A Slam. That would be one heck of a record by any measure. Read about Roger Attfield and Tiz A Slam [...]